Why Use Nomad Legal

Save Money

Saves You Time

Sign up, its quick and easy to do. If you’re a locum , you can search by county or by a distance of your choosing . You can view vacancies posted by firms ,and/or you can create and post your own Profile , including your CV. If you’re a firm, you can post a vacancy on line and/or view locum profiles and their CV’s.

Seamless Communication

No agents . Locums and firms can communicate direct with each other, via mobile , tablet or PC, at home or on the move.

Quality is Key

Nomad Legal is based on over 30 years experience of the legal locum market.


If you’re a Locum looking for work:

  • Sign up, it’s simple and quick to do
  • Start searching, it’s that easy
  • Search for jobs in different ways:
    • by location (within a certain distance by county)
    • by booking type (short/long, maternity, holiday, ongoing)
    • by hourly remuneration wanted
    • or by any combination of the above.
  • View current vacancies
  • Contact the firm directly. No agencies to go through
  • Post your CV online

If you’re a Firm:

  • Sign up: it’s quick and simple to do
  • Post a vacancy online
  • View locum profiles and their CV’s
  • Contact the locum

For both locums and firms, Nomad Legal is free to join and free to use. No Agents. No commission.

About Us

A new and direct  way  for Legal  locums and Law firms to  get in touch  with  each other  without having to  go  via an  Agency

The need for legal locums is arguably greater now than it’s ever been.

Covid 19 has had a dramatic impact  upon the locum market,  as it has upon  almost everything else. Many law firms were closed and staff furloughed when  lockdown  was at  its peak,  and  are only now beginning the slow return  to  normality. As part of that  process,  many firms have had to  let go  of permanent legal  staff, whilst  some have moved on of their own volition. Firms are now looking to hire locums for short to  medium term assistance – interim  lawyers, whist they  decide how to  restructure and move forward taking the new working practices that  covid has precipitated into  account.

Locums have of course been around for a while, but not so long ago many firms would try and get by without one, when a fee earner was away.

Of course this is understandable and it was easier to do when the law was simpler and less complex than it is now. Locums aren’t a cheap commodity but increasingly they are an essential one.

The increasing complexity of the law, the expansion of the CPR the FPR and other assorted rules, the greater use of costs orders by courts and tribunals for late or noncompliance with orders and directions means that the need for locum cover is greater than it’s ever been. And the trend is likely to continue.

Up until  recently the only wat  to source a locum was by  word of mouth ,  or by  placing an  advert in the Law Society Gazette,  or to  go  through  an  Agency.

There are many agencies around and some are better than others, but the thing they have in common is they all charge a fee, sometimes a flat fee, often a commission to the firm for finding a locum.

This can significantly add to the overall cost of sourcing a locum with hourly rates.

What Nomad Legal seeks to do is to cut out the middleman by providing a forum for locum  advice, where Firms & Locums to communicate direct with each other.

Accessible by PC, tablet or mobile phone, it’s easy and quick for both Firms and Locums to register and equally simple to then use, even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

And for the time being while Normal Legal is becoming established, it’s completely free to use.